Ivor: Crucifixion at Christmas

Why exactly did Ivor Callely lose his job? Because he didn’t answer Bertie’s phone call? Because he’s fond of getting his picture in the paper? Because the hounds in the media smelled blood? Because someone’s out to get him? Or because all of the above?

There is pretty much unaminity amongst commentators on two competing sides to Ivor’s demise; firstly, that no one specific thing that Ivor did justified his being forced to resign, and secondly, he had to go.

A terrible, despicable puritanism has descended on this country in recent years, a trend that has advanced as the ‘liberals’ have taken over. For years the same ‘liberals’ decried the judgmentalism of the Catholic church and called for tolerance all round.

Ivor Callely got bugger all tolerance and no end of judgement.

There’s probably an element of paranoia in saying that somone up there has had it in for Ivor. There’s a perfectly reasonable explanation for the avalanche of bad news that has decended on him. 

Like a lone wildebeest on the outskirts of the herd he came under the sights of the news pack. Once a wounded animal has been spotted the slavering carnivores aren’t sated until the victim has been well and truly devoured. There’s no real point in it but it’s entertaining and it sells papers.

Recently, former bishop Eamonn Casey had to give up his job when an allegation was made against him. How long will it take for the allegation to be addressed and hasn’t he been damaged already by the publiciy surrounding the allegation. He has already suffered without any chance to clear his name.

In Ivor’s case the story about his gaff being painted hit the headlines on a Wednesday morning. By nine o’clock on the Thursday Ivor was a gonner without any chance to address the innuendo involved in the charge. Innuendo, by-the-way, for which there is not a scrap of evidence.

It’s death by a thousand cuts. For example, on the day of his departure the Irish Times waded in with a lengthy article about a planning permission Ivor had in Cork. The article was full of huff and puff but didn’t amount to a hill of beans. And it all happened in the 1990’s. Breaking news – Abe Lincoln’s been shot!!

There isn’t a useful human being on the planet who hasn’t some histoy. If we keep this up media image will be the chief talent of people in public life.

Ah yes, it’s the season of goodwill. But some people find twisting the knife is far better crack.

They’re all fond of publicity

MUCH mirth was wrung from Ivor’s legendary ability to get his picture in the paper. Like when he loomed large in the Operation Freeflow ads. You might say he wasn’t the central point of the ad. Indeed.

Yet he’s not alone in this trait. When Transport 21 was being launched, Ivor (the junior transport minister) wasn’t allowed on the podium while Mary Harney (Minister for Health) was.

Maybe she was taking responsibility for all the accidents on the new roads.